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What operating systems does your software run on?

The ShedTech, PatioTech and WindCheck programs all run on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

What other programs are required?

The ShedTech, PatioTech and WindCheck programs require the Microsoft Dot.Net Framework (Version 2.0 or greater). ShedTech also requires Microsoft DirectX Version 9.0 or greater for the 3D graphics. If you are already running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the Dot.Net framework is already installed.

Both the Dot.Net framework and DirectX are included on any CD released by ShedTech and there are shortcuts to these programs in the ShedTech folder.

I am using a firewall and need to know which ports ShedTech uses to access the internet?

The ShedTech and PatioTech programs use SSL (Port 443) to access the ShedTech web server. Port 80 (HTTP) is also required to ensure that a valid internet connection is available.

The WindCheck program does not require internet access.

Can I use my own server to host the ShedTech database?

There are servers and then there are servers. The current ShedTech web server is housed in a proper controlled data centre, with redundant drives and redundant internet connections. Our server also has a 99.9% uptime.

In order to host the ShedTech database on your server, you would need a decent linux server and support, decent ADSL connection with a fixed IP, your own domain/subdomain, knowledge of either MySQL or PostgreSQL, port forwarding ability on your router and your own SSL certificate. Having your own server also makes it difficult for us to support your server and software remotely. You would also be responsible for your own backups.

If you can't guarantee uptime and speed, is it worth the effort? You only need your ADSL to drop out, or loss of power and then everyone in your organisation and your distributors are suddenly unable to do quotes.

If you did want to go with your own server, ShedTech would install the database and server side scripts and the rest of the server configuration would be up to you. At a minimum the Apache web server, PHP environment and database would need to be already installed by your technical support.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

Basically any type of internet connection will do. When the software communicates with the web server, only small amounts of XML are transferred back and forth. You can run the software successfully with a dial-up connection.

The software only uses a small amount of bandwidth, so you don't have to worry about ShedTech blowing out your download quota.

We would also recommend purchasing a mobile internet solution if you use a lap top and regularly perform quotes on site.

What is the minimum hardware specification needed?

If your computer or laptop can successfully run XP or Vista, then your machine is good enough to run ShedTech, PatioTech or WindCheck. ShedTech does make use of 3D graphics, and on older machines, some graphics cards will make the interface jittery. The graphics cards in most modern computers (even on-board graphics) are usually capable enough.

Can I use my ShedTech login on different computers?

Absolutely. The benefit of having all your data stored on the web server, is that all of your quotes and orders are accessible no matter which computer you use. It is also possible to have multiple people logged in using the same login account if that is what you want.

Who has access to my database on your web server?

Only ShedTech technical and development staff have access to your database. This is for ongoing development of your version of the software and to diagnose any potential problems.

ShedTech is not interested in your list prices, distributors, customers, turn over or profits. We would also never reveal this information to your competitors or suppliers. If you are performing well, then we are performing well.

This is the reason we use SSL to safeguard transmission of sensitive and financial information to the web server. Your data is only at risk if you give a copy of your software CD and login/password details to someone else.

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