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My customer wants a stronger shed

Whenever you generate a quote, ShedTech will automatically detect the appropriate engineering rule based on your windload, width, height, length and bay count for the job. This will always be the most minimalistic rule in order to keep the cost of the shed low, yet provide for any engineering certification. You can not directly change the engineering or the sizes of members it calls up.

However, from time to time you will get a customer that wants a stronger carport column or portal frame than what the engineering states can be used. In order to achieve this, the best way is to alter your wind site design speed to something stronger when starting the quote. By upping the wind speed for the site, you can force ShedTech to call up the engineering for the next wind speed bracket.

When you start a quote the first step is to determine the wind site design speed on the Windload Calculator. For the most part, people just accept the default settings and use the quick option. In order to up the site design speed you can do any of the following:

All of the settings on the Windload Calculator are multipliers of each other. There is no simple way to state how to increase the wind speed, but have a play with these settings until you find the engineering bracket that best suits your needs.

NB Be advised that upping the wind speed to nominate a bigger portal size, usually also means that that the purlins and girts will also be upgraded, increasing the cost significantly.

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