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I have some existing garage quoting software. Why change?

Because like all old products from the last century it is out of date. Old excel spreadsheets or other look up table software has passed its use by date. The features and benefits to your business of ShedTech’s state of the art 3D shed design, costing and ordering software are many.

I am not trained on computer use. Is this software hard to use?

No - not at all. We have designed this product to be user friendly and able to be used by anybody, even people with minimal computer skills and without shed sales experience. The design software thinks for you and won’t let you go wrong. Our seven year old kids can do quotes.

My current system takes about half an hour to do a garage quote. If the client wants another price I have to start all over again - what about ShedTech?

No - you can instantly design and quote steel buildings and garages in a 3D graphic environment. Changes in height, width or length are seamless and instant. The price of the building is constantly updated in front of your eyes as you make changes to it. Email, print or fax client quotes and orders instantly.

I've heard you need the internet connected to run ShedTech?

You will need an internet connection in order to run ShedTech, especially to make changes to the database. Only small pieces of information are exchanged with our web server meaning that the speed is faster than most people can believe.

The software does allow you to run without an internet connection for 7 days to generate quotes only, in case you need to perform a quote out on site, without an internet connection.

What advantage is there with your software being net based?

All client, quote and order information is saved to a database on our web server, allowing you to search for and retrieve information at any time. This also means that if you have more than one salesperson, all of their sales information is collated in the one place.

ShedTech uses the same security (SSL) as you do when using internet banking. All of your customer and financial information is secure.

If your computer is stolen or the hard drive crashes no client file information is lost. Any price changes made to the system or salesperson settings are automatically downloaded each time the software is started.

Why do I want 3D design?

This is a great sales tool to assist you and your client see what you are quoting - their own virtual garage, shed or carport designed before their own eyes - with doors, windows, skylights, awnings whatever - on the fly. Plug your computer into a big screen on the wall for even greater effect.

The software will also store and show all 3D quotes and orders generated by your sales team.

ShedTech 3D Design

I have a few branches and plan some more. Will ShedTech cater for this?

Yes. Our multi level functionality is designed for this situation.

Both our ShedTech and PatioTech products are available in either a 3-level or 2-level configuration. The 3-level version has been developed for the traditional Head Office - Distributor - Sales Team format. The 2-level version has been developed for independent shed sellers which offers greater control over the quoting process and parts used.

I process lots of orders - can the system keep up?

No worries - the system is virtually limitless. Your database is securely managed on a robust server with automated backups and redundancies. Every quote and order is maintained indefinitely meaning you can perform year on year analysis or view an order from a year ago.

Do you supply engineering plans for anywhere in Australia?

Yes. ShedTech will supply standard plans for your use for building approvals for the huge range already on the design and quoting system. This includes portal frame sheds to 24 m wide, skillion sheds to 12m wide, gable and skillion carports to 12m wide spans, barns, attached awnings, garaports, patios and stud frame buildings to 9m wide for all wind categories in Australia including Cyclonic areas.

One off engineering certifications, engineering office support and custom design plans, as is often necessary for your business, is also available via our consulting engineers.

Will ShedTech develop the software further?

ShedTech has many future plans to keep us ahead of the rest. This includes increasing our current product range for more steel building quoting and design software options.

We are also committed to the development of a full dynamic job specific engineering analysis solution with benefits being optimised building design with savings in steel materials costs - giving you a sales edge on your opposition.

ShedTech will work with you to ensure total satisfaction with our products and service for our mutual growth.

Ok, it all sounds good - but it must be expensive?

Not at all. The ShedTech system will pay for itself - and is tax deductable! It may well cost less than the current old system you are using. Our user pay, per order as you go plan means no major capital outlay is required.

I understand the ShedTech system will increase my profits and simplify managing my business. What do I do now?

Contact Shedtech and ask us about a demonstration - see for yourself why others are changing to ShedTech - the only real future solution.

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